Re-Echoes from the Wall

Sound Installation - Sant’Orsola / San Lorenzo's District, Florence.
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Sound Installation of Alessandro Belli, Enrico Moscoloni and Cecilia Stacchiotti by Tempo Reale. Sound Installation want to revive the sounds of the Sant'Orsola monastery, echoing with them his story. The players are the walls of the monastery and the walls of the district where the monastery is, because they are the tangible evidence of all the past and present: the whispered secrets through the streets to the solemn chants of prayer.

1. Gather the idea and sounds

After our initial meeting, we then went in the location of the Sound Installation to check which sounds and how sonically everything was working.
We then recorded some unique sounds from the location and discussed about ideas, but giving each one of us the freedom to express ourselves.

2. Composing

My idea was to give a "holy" sensation, with a bit of history and hidden significance, dividing each section with some "sound events", especially the bell.

3. Experience

We then gathered together, mounted the whole piece and tested before the day of the exhibition.
Project Details

Software: Ableton + Audacity + Recordings

Date: 2015

Online: https://soundcloud.com/alessandro_belli/re-echoes-from-the-wall

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