Il Ritornello

A work about love, sex and values.
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Love is a word that is repeated since we're born. We call "My Love" the dearest persons of our lives, Love is the feeling that we share with different people in our lives: Love for a nephew, for an Hobby, for ourselves and for our inner self definition. Different sides from a unique word that embrace a immense feeling. The Artwork "Ritornello" deal with love in the sense of love for another person, Love for a stranger that enter our life, that try to adapt, sacrifice and insert in our world. Love is pictured in the sexual side as well as the facing of the loss of a dearest person that go away from our existence.

The 3d part of the work was made by the artist as a render of an Hearth while it goes into a trajectory, the life path, the love path. This love is destined to exfoliate into the ground until a total destruction.

The audio part that follow the course of love is composed by a true love act, two entwined bodies that produce those gestures and enclose the most intimate and physical side of a love relationship, what no one from the outside can perceive nor share. The phrases taken from "Evagrio Pontico", a monk of the third century AD from which the Church took its cue to base the doctrine of the Seven Deadly Sins, accompanying the whole, generating a warning, to create variable thoughts and stimuli in the visitor.

Project Details

Software: Ableton + Audacity + Blender + Sony Vegas

Date: 2018

Online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0G8h7o7aVw

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